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Who We Serve

People We Do Our Best Work With

We work with people who are retired, close to it, or widowed, ready to partner with a trusted financial advisor, desire investments that reflect their values, and have accrued a minimum of $1MM in investable assets.


Ready to work

with an advisor

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Want to do good (and live well)

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$1MM+ in investable assets

You can learn more about our three types of clients below.

*Client names and details have been changed to ensure anonymity. 


Nearing Retirement

Amy and Mark were within five years of when they hoped to retire, and had worked hard and saved diligently so they would be able to.


They didn't want to make any mistakes when it came time to turn those savings into retirement income, so they sought out a financial planner.

Working with Orion Wealth Advisors®, Amy and Mark built a financial plan and implemented an investment management strategy that addressed their pressing concerns, including: 

How do we turn our 401Ks into retirement income?


When should we start taking Social Security?

How do we protect against unanticipated catastrophic losses that could undo all the hard work we’ve put in?

Nearing Retirement


Eric and Holly retired seven years ago, and have been enjoying their time outside of the workforce.


Recently, they started to worry that their savings might not last as long as they had planned.

Orion Wealth Advisors® helped them create, and implement, a financial plan and investment management strategy that answered their questions, including:

How do we ensure our savings will last as long as we need?

How should our investments be managed to weather unanticipated market changes?

How do we minimize taxes when accessing our assets?



After unexpectedly losing her husband at the age of 53, Carol was grieving, and confronting cascading financial tasks that demanded her attention.


Even though Carol had always been involved in managing her family’s finances, her financial situation going forward was impacted by her husband’s death.

Carol knew that she needed a financial partner who could help her navigate this challenging time, and turned to Orion Wealth Advisors® to help her and the rest of their family prepare for a secure future.  

Could she maintain her current lifestyle, including staying in her home, or would she need to make changes? 


Should she claim Social Security survivor benefits instead of her own, and if so when? 


What investment management strategies now made sense?


Considering Working with Orion Wealth Advisors®?

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